Backups: How does your current system compare with this one?

Backups the Ultimate Managed Services™ Way

  • Frequency. Full weekly backups, with incremental backups made the other six days of the week. Backups can also be scheduled to meet your special needs.
  • Responsibility. Chi Networks takes full, contractual responsibility for your backups.
  • Automatic and Continuous. Your data is automatically and continuously backed up.
  • Convenience. No more hassles with dirty tape heads, tape drives, local servers or backup demands on your IT staff.
  • Recovery, Part I. Instantly and effortlessly recover your data whenever you want. Is the data recovery process new to you? Call us 24x7x365 and we’ll walk you through it – or do the recovery for you. Your choice!
  • Recovery, Part II. Use our self service Control Panel to download backups, view our reports to you or make changes to your backup schedule.
  • Reports. Comprehensive reports from us about the status of your backups are available as scheduled and on demand.


Backup Security

  • Data Confidentiality. Because your data stored remotely at our secure data centers, it is safe from intrusion by individuals at your office. It is accessible only to individuals who have your permission.
  • Security and Encryption. In transit, your data is compressed and encrypted with virtually unbreakable protocols.
  • Firewalls. State of the art firewalls deny access to your data by unauthorized users.
  • Replication. We make and store backups of your backups, which we replicate to multiple data centers. Should one data center become unavailable, your data is available at a second facility.

Backup Compliance

  • Statutory Compliance. Ultimate Managed Services automatically makes you compliant with your statutory needs. Your systems automatically meet the requirements of HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley.
  • Compliance Documentation. We provide you with all of the appropriate documentation that may be required of any certification process.
  • Compliance Options. Select a backup and retention plan that meets your compliance requirements.
  • Compliance Retention. Chi Networks data retention policies meet the legal and business data archival requirements for HIPPAA, SEC and other regulations.