Learn More about Chi Cloud Office

Welcome to Chi Cloud Office™ a cloud-based desktop platform for all your sites, software and apps. It’s scalable and customized for your business. It looks and works like your current desktops while giving you the low cost and convenience of business in the cloud.
Chi Cloud Office™ can run the software of choice for most industries – such as Microsoft Office and even demanding software like CAD – smoothly and securely.
Chi Cloud Office™ enables your staff, clients and suppliers to meet from multiple locations and edit documents in real time. It’s as if everyone is working in the same room.

See the video for more details!

Enjoy Real-Time Collaboration With
Your Staff, Suppliers And Customers

Do business the COVID-era way. Edit the same document in real time with your team and your customers from multiple locations. And, across all devices. Put an end to time-consuming email document sharing. Mitigate annoying versioning and file-sharing issues.

Experience Faster,
More Reliable Computing

Your software and your business applications all look and run the same – just faster. And safer, running on our high-performance servers, switches and routers. Your screens are free from lags and interruptions. And we back everything with our 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Ransomware-Free Security

Protect yourself from phishing, ransomware and other crippling threats with our proprietary Data Armor (™) Security Services. If there’s an attack, we fully restore your system within 30 minutes.

Save Time And Money!

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCI) by eliminating costly server and hardware upgrades. Use your Launchpad to instantly scale your server needs up or down to meet your business needs without picking up a phone. No contract terms; it’s pay as you go. And don’t forget the
travel time you’ll save.